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Weaving Courses with Susie Gillespie

231115_4321Come and spend a couple of creative days at my weaving studio near Totnes in South Devon. 

Set in our orchard next to a 15th century cider farm it is a lovely place to be inspired. The course is suitable for complete beginners or experienced students. I can show you basic weaving techniques as well as unusual ideas in weaving. You will be able to make your own artwork, cushion cover or needle-case.  

I have 5 large four shaft floor looms set up with a linen warp ready for you to begin the creative process of weaving the linen into cloth to produce your artwork, cushion cover or needle-case.

You can weave diffe_DSC5328rent textures and experiment with wrappings, twill, looping, slits and tapestry inlay. You can also experiment with gesso, paint and earth pigments and if you are making an art piece distress, fray, stain, unravel, darn, stitch, cut and sew fragments together. 

A two day weaving course is £180 and includes a delicious lunch, refreshments and materials.


Barn-House Accommodation – In the orchard next to my studio we have newly restored barn-house accommodation available. To find out more please visit the Accommodation tab above.

Please use the contact tab above to enquire about courses and accommodation



Please use the contact tab above to enquire about course and accommodation availability if I don’t get back to you within a day or two please try again as sometimes the enquiries do not reach me. Thanks Susie.

I have gift vouchers available if you would like to give a course as a present.

2017 course dates


September 16th, 17th – Weaving course – full

October 21st, 22nd  – Weaving course – full 

October 1st to 5th Residential 5 day Creative Textile Course – full

November 4th and 5th – Weaving course – full

2018 course dates

March 3rd, 4th – Weaving course – 6 places

March 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st – Textile Art Techniques with Alice Fox and Susie Gillespie – full

April 12th, 13th, 14, 15th – Flax processing, linen spinning and creative weaving course – 4 places

April 26th, 27th – Weaving course – 6 places

May 13th to 17th – Residential 5 day Creative Textile Course – 5 places

May 26th, 27th – Weaving course – 6 places

July 7th, 8th – Weaving course – 6 places

July 30th to August 2nd – Textile Art Techniques with Alice Fox and Susie Gillespie – full

August 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th – Flax processing, linen spinning and creative weaving course – 6 places


Creative Woven Textile Courses with Susie Gillespie

Customer reviews

“I adored everything about attending this course, Susie, the setting, the workshop itself, the flax, the colours, the lunch, the inspiration. The whole experience was completely wonderful. I never thought I’d find anything to top my love of sewing, but this course has me completely hooked. If Susie opened a weaving school I’d be front of the enrolment line. Bravo Susie. You are brilliant. Can’t wait to come again.”                    Catherine Bailey
“Loved every minute! Two days spent in a beautiful, light and airy converted barn, with excellent looms waiting to be used, and beautiful shades of linen to weave with. Susie creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a complete beginner to weaving, I delighted in the inspiration in Susie’s work, and she strikes a good balance between instruction and leaving you to explore the possibilities of her particular style of producing a piece of weaving. This informal method of weaving is wonderful, and I was thrilled to come away with a wall hanging. Susie also provides a delicious lunch, cake, coffee – heaven! Who needs a spa day when you can do this!! Can’t wait to come back. Thank you Susie.”                         Hilary Shuck


“I came on this course with 3 friends and we were all delighted with our choice. The setting is beautiful and tranquil and really added to the experience. Susie explained clearly and effectively how to get started and we were very pleased to all be weaving within half an hour of starting. The lunch was delicious and the ginger biscuits were sublime! At the end of the two days we all came away with a finished piece of work feeling relaxed and satisfied. I would love to go again and will definitely recommend this course to friends.”                                                                                                     Mary Wells


“Susie is a very creative weaver, so plenty of ideas and inspiration and I was soon exploring the possibilities of wrapping and hole making, then adding in other materials to create wall hangings.
The 2 friends who did the course with me persevered with the basics and I have to say that although I was delighted with my results I was also very envious of their cushion covers.”                                                                            Lesley Mallyon


“What a brilliant course. Lovely workshop, well set up. Susie was very attentive and helpful as well as preparing a yummy lunch. Managed to make a cushion cover with a variety of techniques and was very pleased with it.”    Maggie


“This was one of the very best workshops that I have been to. Susie is a skilled and attentive instructor and her studio is fab to work in. I learnt a lot and am really really pleased with what I produced. Am now addicted to weaving and can’t wait to go back -even though I live at the other end of the country!”                                                                             Sue Pritchard