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Alice Fox Land Marks – Recording ‘Place’

Textile Art Techniques with Alice Fox 


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Land Marks – Recording ‘Place’

2020 Revised course date – November 21st 22nd 23rd

I was drawn to Alice Fox’s work because of the creative and experimental way she engages with the landscape and the natural world to create her artworks.

Living and working in South Devon I share Alice’s love of coastal landscapes, beaches and river estuaries and the wonderful treasures washed up on them.

That is why I have asked Alice to put on a three day course   Land Marks – Recording ‘Place’ at my studio here in South Devon. 

alice 4There are many different ways that we can record what we see around us, as we travel to special places or go about our daily lives. Whether we are exploring dramatic wild landscapes or walking the streets around our homes we are ‘experiencing landscape’. The detail that surrounds us can be fascinating, if we just allow ourselves to take it in. 

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This course aims to open our eyes to what is around us, finding the potential in the ordinary.

With a focus on objects and marks collected on short walks from the studio we will explore various different techniques, making use of what we find.



alice 3During the course you will explore a range of different methods to record experience of landscape, engaging with the detail of what you find around you. Undertaking a series of short walks from the studio (whatever the weather!), each with a different focus on recording and collecting, you will build up a series of marks, observations and found objects.

Through a range of techniques including rust printing, mono-printing, relief and contact printing along with experimental stitch you will explore different ways to respond to your ‘collections’ and use them as a basis for artists books and textile samples, forming a personal record of your experience.

alice 2While you are in South Devon you may want to take the opportunity to explore the beaches and river estuaries for unusual “finds”  and bring them along to the studio and incorporate them into your “special” art piece.

The course is £295 for three days and includes lunch, refreshments and basic materials.

If you would like to stay with us during the course we have Barn-House accommodation in the orchard next to my studio. To find out more please visit the Accommodation tab above.

2020 Revised Course date – November 21st 22nd 23rd

Please use the contact tab above to enquire about course and accommodation availability. 



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2020 course dates:

November 5th to 8th – Tim Johnson ‘Finding Fibres – Containing Space’ – cancelled

November 21st 22nd 23rd – Alice Fox Land Marks – Recording Place – cancelled

2021 course dates:

February 13th and 14th – 2 day weaving course – full

February 27th and 28th – 2 day weaving – 4 places

March 6th, 7th, 8th 9th – Flax processing, linen spinning and creative weaving course – full

Please use the contact tab above to enquire about course and accommodation availability if I don’t get back to you within a day or two please try again as sometimes the enquiries do not reach me. Thanks Susie.